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A surprising summer escape

“What a nice surprise to stumble on this treasure of a story! I live in Vermont now but have been to Maine many times to visit with my son and his family. None of the names of the towns in this book sounded familiar but I googled and found that this story takes place not too far from where they live in Carrabassett Valley! Then more of a surprise to read that Jim Whyte spent his final days in the Masonic Home in Burlington, NJ, which is where my own parents spent their final years. This book was s gem, I loved it!”Amazon reviewer

It’s always an honor to receive an enthusiastic endorsement and particularly meaningful to discover that your work makes a personal connection with the reader. The above review really made my day. Thank you!

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Jeffrey H Ryan is an author, adventurer, photographer and historian. He has written several books about his outdoor exploits, his fascination with hiking trails and the people and places found just off the beaten path. His debut book, Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-year hike on America's trail was hailed by the former Executive Editor of National Geographic as "a classic of nature and travel writing" and set off a national tour (in a 1985 VW camper, no less). His books are known for weaving a deep appreciation for history into walks across contemporary landscapes that give readers the feeling they are hiking right alongside. When Jeff isn't trekking, chasing down a great story or spinning yarns from his keyboard, he enjoys sharing his adventures with audiences who love the outdoors. He spends much of his time in his beloved native state of Maine.


  • Dan A.
    September 13, 2021

    Saw you in Pennsylvania off Route 78 near Kutztown exit. Safe travels, looking forward to reading your book.


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