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Now’s the time — Book Writing Webinar

How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book Webinar – April 28th 7pm ET If you’ve ever thought about writing a book and bringing it to market, now’s the time. I’ve written three professionally published books in the past four years, as well as several self-published ones. I’ve learned a lot about publishing and promoting […]

Behind the Ranges

In the course of writing my latest book, I have had a number of experiences that qualify as those that don’t happen in the normal course of events. Some of them have made me question whether I was writing from my own brain or whether I was guided by a force much wiser and greater than my humble operating system.

A Watershed Moment

Quetico Sunset

Yesterday I was driving across eastern Canada on my way to begin researching my third book. The last few days I had been transitioning into the northern forest mindset I needed to embrace to make this book come alive. A thousand mile drive allows ample moments for musing, even more so when your route takes […]