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Hiking Poles and the Fountain of Youth

Jeff Ryan on the summit of Blood Mountain, Georgia

“You have the knee cartilage of a 24-year old” That’s what my doctor announced after reviewing x-rays taken when I was age 58.  After hiking over 8,000 miles in three decades — most with a pack weighing 40 pounds or more — the news didn’t surprise me much. Over the years, my knees only bothered […]

What you need for an Appalachian Trail hike – Part 3 – Water

Photo of Pur Water filter

How to Stay Hydrated on the Trail Nothing affects your pack weight more than your choices of food and how much water you need to carry. Today I’ll cover the topic of H2O. Water management is critical One pint of water weighs one pound. Depending on your peak water carrying capacity, the difference between having […]