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The Survey Results are in! Favored Sleeping Bags and Pads for an AT thru-hike

2018 Hiking Gear Survey

The folks at TheTrek have just published their annual Thru-Hiker Survey of Sleeping Bags and Pads (a.k.a best gear to take on an Appalachian Trail thru-hike). Whether you’re gearing up for a long-distance hike, a section hike or just want to upgrade your worn out gear, this is a great place to start. Like the majority […]

Hiking Poles and the Fountain of Youth

Jeff Ryan on the summit of Blood Mountain, Georgia

“You have the knee cartilage of a 24-year old” That’s what my doctor announced after reviewing x-rays taken when I was age 58.  After hiking over 8,000 miles in three decades — most with a pack weighing 40 pounds or more — the news didn’t surprise me much. Over the years, my knees only bothered […]