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Turning into Hamburg

Why Listening to Yourself is Mostly Good (and Sometimes Not So Much) On Labor Day weekend, 2015, I went on a hike (just as I had for the preceding 30 years). What made this hike different was that it got me into trouble.

On the Road

Appalachian Odyssey Book Tour Schedule of events

Book Tour 2016 Soon, I’ll be hitting the road in my 1985 VW Vanagon for the 2016 Appalachian Odyssey Book Tour. Look for an updated schedule of venues on my calendar, then stay tuned for Tweets, videos, blog posts and more! If you know of a book store, gear store, library or school near you […]


…will inspire a new generation of readers… Jeffrey Ryan sets no speed records on the Appalachian Trail, unless it is for the slowest time ever recorded getting from Maine to Georgia. But in a world which sometimes seems obsessed with velocity and superficiality, Ryan’s story is a reminder that the long slow journeys taken with […]