Fun interview with NF Reads

Thank you, Tony Eames for the opportunity to interview with the NF Reads website. I enjoyed doing it!

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)!

My Newest Book Covers Day Hiking Gear, Clothing, Safety and More

I’m often asked for advice on buying gear and clothing or to share a few tips for keeping hikes safe and fun.My newest book covers those subjects and more. A Hike in the Woods: Your Comprehensive Guide to Day Hiking Gear, Clothing, Safety and other Essentials is designed to be a handy guide for anyone […]

How does a wilderness ethic take root?

Photo of view from Aldo Leopold's childhood home in Burlington, Iowa. ©2018

I’ve been on a quest for the past two years. On my journeys across the country, I’ve made it a point to spend time in certain places — those locales that instilled a love of nature in people that would go on to become advocates for nature and foresaw the need to protect the wildlands […]

The Appalachian Trail just turned 80 years old!

Photo of Bigelow Range, Maine ©2017,

“On August 14, 1937, a CCC crew completed the final 2 miles of trail in Maine: a section on the north slope of Spaulding Mountain. What they likely didn’t know at the time was they had just closed the last remaining gap in the Appalachian Trail, which was now a continuous path from Mount Oglethorpe, in Georgia, to Katahdin, […]