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The Survey Results are in! Favored Sleeping Bags and Pads for an AT thru-hike

2018 Hiking Gear Survey

The folks at TheTrek have just published their annual Thru-Hiker Survey of Sleeping Bags and Pads (a.k.a best gear to take on an Appalachian Trail thru-hike). Whether you’re gearing up for a long-distance hike, a section hike or just want to upgrade your worn out gear, this is a great place to start. Like the majority […]

How to Buy Hiking Boots

Photo of Preacher Rock, Georgia. ©2017 www.jeffryanauthor.com

Hiking boots are the most important piece of equipment you have on the trail. They may seem like a fairly simple bit of outdoor gear, but there’s actually a lot more that goes into a pair of hiking boots than meets the eye. And although you don’t need to know every intricacy of how your […]

Why you should never hit the Appalachian Trail (or any trail) without a map

Photo of AT Map and guide

Here’s the plain truth. Almost every hike you go on will end up just fine. You may not have perfect weather for the whole thing. You may have minor gear failures that remind you it’s time to replace or upgrade. But in most cases, those aren’t life threatening events. What IS life threatening is getting […]

Appalachian Odyssey TideSmart Radio Podcast

Thank you to the team at TideSmart Radio for having me on the show with Stevoe to discuss Appalachian Odyssey and to make it available as a podcast. It was a great chance to talk about how my life experiences cumulatively pointed me toward a lifetime of writing and hiking that is still going strong.  

What You Need for an Appalachian Trail Hike – Part I

Photo of AT Map and guide

Logistics: Planning your hike My friend, Wayne Cyr, and I spent 28 years hiking the Appalachian Trail, one section at a time. Every time we were in our adventure mode (heading to the trail, traveling back from it or out on the path itself) we would invariably meet people of all ages that would say, […]