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My Newest Book Covers Day Hiking Gear, Clothing, Safety and More

I’m often asked for advice on buying gear and clothing or to share a few tips for keeping hikes safe and fun.My newest book covers those subjects and more. A Hike in the Woods: Your Comprehensive Guide to Day Hiking Gear, Clothing, Safety and other Essentials is designed to be a handy guide for anyone […]

Introducing 30 Second Hiking Hacks

I’ve created a new series of tips and tricks I’ve learned over 8,000+ miles of hiking, called “30 Second Hiking Hacks.” I hope you find them useful for your day hiking and backpacking trips.

Hiking Poles and the Fountain of Youth

Jeff Ryan on the summit of Blood Mountain, Georgia

“You have the knee cartilage of a 24-year old” That’s what my doctor announced after reviewing x-rays taken when I was age 58.  After hiking over 8,000 miles in three decades — most with a pack weighing 40 pounds or more — the news didn’t surprise me much. Over the years, my knees only bothered […]