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The Forest … and The Tree

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How a patch of Maine forest brought enduring joy to a community and shaped a profession In 1710 — right about the time Queen Anne’s War was ending in Nova Scotia  — a pine tree sprouted in the rich woodland soil found near what would later be called the New England coast. The conditions could […]

This Land Was Saved for You and Me

Maine author Jeffrey H Ryan returns to the Jesup Library to discuss his newest book; This Land Was Saved for You and Me. “This Land” tells the story of how America’s public lands came into being both through the evolving understanding of how nature and our natural resources contributed to our spiritual and economic well-being […]

Interview with the Round Hill AT Festival Team

I had a wonderful interview with the organizers of the upcoming Round Hill Appalachian Trail festival about my newest book. I look forward to taking part in the festival again this year on June 11th, where I’ll be sharing secrets about eating healthy meals on the trail, planning trips, and more. 

This Land Was Saved for You and Me

This Land Was Saved for you and me cover

My new Hardcover traces the 100-year arc from the realization that the protection of public lands was vital to the signage of the 1964 Wilderness Act.

A Legacy for the Land

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Late in the 1930s, a family bought a piece of farmland in Wisconsin. The land was sold for a pittance because it had been over-farmed, the soil devoid of nutrients. The man that moved in decided that it was his responsibility to restore the promise of the land. In addition to planting trees and rebuilding […]