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As seen in Everett Potter’s Travel Report

Photo of Mount Saint Helens ©2018 www.JeffRyanAuthor.com

Everett Potter is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Everett Potter’s Travel Report, a weekly news blog for smart travelers in search of value. The Wall Street Journal calls Everett Potter’s Travel Report “a terrific mix of profiles and interviews, all designed to make the best use of your travel budget.” He is also a travel […]

My new eBook explores Mount Saint Helens Then and Now

Cover photo of Blast: My Return to Mount Saint Helens by Jeffrey H Ryan ©2018 by the author

What started as a journey to rekindle friendships and reconnect with the mountains of my youth evolved into my latest hiking adventure book. Blast: My Return to Mount Saint Helens tells the story of how in the midst of a 1987 climbing frenzy, I reached the desolate summit of a mountain that had just seven years before lost […]