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The True Meaning of a Road Trip

I’m currently on a national road trip for my book, Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-year hike on America’s trail. At least that’s the headline version. But, as with all meaningful journeys, there’s a much deeper story woven through my sojourn through America’s National Parks, cities and towns. It’s that we are (still) a nation of incredible […]

Appalachian Odyssey goes into second printing

Photo of author Jeffrey Ryan signing books

In just one month, Appalachian Odyssey has achieved second printing status! I am so happy that my story has resonated with such a wide audience. I have been out meeting people in national parks, in bookstores, in barber shops, you name it, and the response has been genuine and incredibly uplifting. It seems everyone has […]

Latest reviews of Appalachian Odyssey

Appalachian Odyssey Reviews

Thank you to the many readers that have taken the time to share your thoughts about Appalachian Odyssey. I am grateful beyond words (which sounds like a stretch for those who know me I’m sure, but is 100% true nonetheless). “Beautifully written, this book takes you right back to the earlier days of new camping […]

Why you should never hit the Appalachian Trail (or any trail) without a map

Photo of AT Map and guide

Here’s the plain truth. Almost every hike you go on will end up just fine. You may not have perfect weather for the whole thing. You may have minor gear failures that remind you it’s time to replace or upgrade. But in most cases, those aren’t life threatening events. What IS life threatening is getting […]

You can’t reach the summit unless you leave self-doubt in the valley

An Excerpt from Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-year hike on America’s trail It’s inevitable that you will hit low points in your career — days where you wonder if getting out of bed and getting your butt back into the chair to write yet another proposal or into the driver’s seat to initiate a new round of client […]

A Nationwide Book Tour in a 1985 Vanagon? Yes!

Photo of Appalachian Odyssey 1985 Vanagon

PORTLAND, Maine – Jeffrey Ryan, author, speaker, photographer, avid hiker and former catalog writer at L.L. Bean, will be embarking on a five-month book tour in his 1985 VW Vanagon. Ryan is the author of a new book about the Appalachian Trail that highlights a 28-year trip, hiked one section at a time. APPALACHIAN ODYSSEY […]

Appalachian Odyssey Book Tour to Visit Falmouth Memorial Library

Photo of Falmouth Memorial Library

Author Jeff Ryan will appear at the Falmouth Memorial Library on June 30 to discuss his new book, Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-year hike on America’s trail, just released by Down East Books. “I am excited to be appearing at the library where I spent so much time as a child”, says Ryan. “I remember sitting […]

How I took a 28-year journey by accident

Photo of Vermont AT, east of Killington

In the 1980s, I started hiking with a guy I barely knew. He couldn’t have been more different than me. He was an introverted analyst type and a Tigers fan. I was an extroverted literary type and a Red Sox fan. It was soon apparent that we both shared a passion for hiking though, and […]