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Festival on June 15 Celebrates Town’s Ongoing Support of the AT

When Benton MacKaye first proposed “An Appalachian Trail” in 1921, he already foresaw the opportunity for communities adjacent to the trail to benefit economically. Almost 100 years later, those benefits continue to grow.

This Saturday, June 15, Round Hill, Virginia will become the 47th town designated as part of the Appalachian Trail Community™ program of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The program acknowledges towns that enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the trail by supporting the hiking community in spirit and in deed.

Thru-hikers, section hikers and day hikers all benefit from these terrific gateway towns. It’s hard to describe just how important the people and businesses of these communities are to helping hikers achieve their goals in ways large and small.

The 1st Annual Round Hill Appalachian Trail Festival kicks off at 11:00 a.m. and continues all afternoon with live bands, trail talks, guided hikes and a 5:30 documentary film screening of “Barbarian Utopia: Encounters on the Appalachian Trail.”

The festival will be held at B Chord Brewing on 34266 Williams Gap Road in Round Hill, Virginia.

To learn more, visit the Round Hill Appalachian Trail Festival website. https://www.roundhillat.org

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