Appalachian Odyssey Book Cover

Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-year Hike on America’s Trail

When two friends went for a one-day hike in Maine in 1985, they had no idea they were actually starting a 2,100 mile, 28-year adventure. Inspired by the author’s trail journals, Appalachian Odyssey is not a “how to” guide, but an enduring story told through a refreshing blend of history, photography and wit. This Appalachian Trail book is an uplifting reminder that the most meaningful accomplishments in life rarely happen overnight but are achieved by making steady progress toward our goals. Read more…

Blast Book Cover

Blast: My Return to Mount St. Helens

In 1987, seven years after the incredible eruption, I climbed Mount Saint Helens to observe the detestation first hand. In September, 2017, I returned to explore the mountain again. “Blast” tells (and shows) the story of the geologic events leading up to the eruption, the condition of the area when I first encountered it and the amazing transformation of the immediate blast zone and the transition zones miles beyond. Read more…