In Search of Jim Whyte

In Search of Jim Whyte

This book tells the story of how I first encountered the story of Jim Whyte and how it it inspired my book Hermit: The Mysterious Life of Jim Whyte.  What was I able to find out about Jim Whyte? What are some of the mysteries we will never know? What other secrets did I learn about after my book was published?  This addendum will be of special interest to those who’ve read “Hermit.” It also includes the first chapter of the book, so potential readers can gat a flavor for how I told the tale. Read more…

Blazing Ahead Book Cover

Blazing Ahead: Benton MacKaye, Myron Avery and the Rivalry that Built the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of America’s most revered resources, a project of near-mythic proportions combining rugged natural beauty and human determination. But few know the story behind the creation of the world’s longest hiking-only trail. The proposal could have died in the pages of a journal had it not been for the efforts of many people―including two, in particular: Benton MacKaye and Myron Avery. While the two men shared a common goal, their vastly different personalities meant it was only a matter of time before these sometimes allies, sometimes adversaries had a falling out. Read more…