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As many of you know, I spend a lot of time on the road and on the trails. Way back when I spent six months on the Pacific Crest Trail, I brought along a packable tripod. It was deficient in most ways. For one, it was too small. The legs weren’t long enough to support a camera with a long lens. It took a lot of maneuvering (including propping up the lens with rocks, sticks or what-have-you to take a decent shot).

Over the years, I started carrying my packable tripod less and less. When smartphones and iPads came along, I even stopped carrying my camera, too. For the most part, I thought I was getting decent photos out of both my phone and tablet.

That changed in 2017. Thinking I wanted to upgrade the quality of my videos, I bought a Sony HD Handicam. It worked great when conditions were friendly, that is to say when the wind wasn’t a factor. The issue really came to a head when I tried to zoom in tightly on a herd of elk from a windy ridge above. No matter what I tried (including adopting “the photographer’s stance”), I couldn’t hold the camera steady. The wind was in control, not me.

So, I bought a Pakpod. It was a great decision. At under 1 lb., it’s lightweight. It’s also completely waterproof (it even works underwater). It packs to just one foot long. Best of all, it includes a spring-loaded mount for securing your iPhone, a GoPro compatible mount and a standard mount for securing your DSLR or video cam.

Three stakes let you secure it to the ground as well.

My verdict? Two thumbs up.

You can order a Pakpod at www.Pakpod.com (of course).

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