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photo of When We Had Time book cover by Jeffrey Ryan

Yes, I’ve been at it again. 

On last year’s road trip, I was repeatedly drawn to explore the many roadside attractions of yore that are disappearing by the day. What remains of these old trading posts, restaurants and gas stations says a lot about how we’ve changed.

The family vacation (and almost all vacation for that matter) has been replaced by work. And even when we are going somewhere, the focus seems to be on getting there instead of stopping to make discoveries along the way.

This trip I made the decision to go old school. To drive out into the desert wilderness on a whim. To take an exit when there was no compelling reason to pull off the highway except to see what the nearest town was like. What I inevitably found was bits and pieces of a time that were still powerful enough to make me remember that it’s not where we are going but what we are doing that’s the most important thing of all.

You can read a description of my book on the Blurb website.

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