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The New England National Scenic Trail runs 215 miles from Long Island Sound to the summit of New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock. Along the way, it completely traverses Connecticut and Massachusetts, offering a unique way to experience the west-central parts of each state.

The trail was established by connecting the Mattacomet, Mattabessett and Monadnock trail systems, plus adding a few extensions to complete the traverse. Having completed the trail, I can say that it provided a very pleasurable and uncrowded hike across and over quintessential New England landscapes, including long traverses of traprock formations, walks along woodland streams and occasional trips through villages and towns.

The National Park Service is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the NET by encouraging people to get out and experience this great footpath. If you hike a minimum of 50 miles on the NET in 2019, you’ll receive a special edition 10th anniversary New England Trail patch. You can also earn a patch by taking part in off-trail activities that support the trail or by combining the two.

For more information, visit the New England Trail website.

The New England Trail through Connecticut (shown in blue) and Massachusetts (shown in red).


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