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I’m often asked for advice on buying gear and clothing or to share a few tips for keeping hikes safe and fun.My newest book covers those subjects and more. A Hike in the Woods: Your Comprehensive Guide to Day Hiking Gear, Clothing, Safety and other Essentials is designed to be a handy guide for anyone gearing up for the trail. Sections include:

– How to choose hiking boots, day packs and performance clothing for staying dry and comfortable on the trail

– Tips for navigating and what to do if you lose your way

– How to make a first aid kit for day hikes

– Suggested trail snacks

– Protecting yourself from ticks, bears, snakes and other critters

– Resouces for finding hiking trails near you

– Day hiking checklist

This 46-pager is available in ePub format on iTunes and Kindle or in paperback version through Amazon.

iTunes Version $2.99 Kindle Version $2.99 B & W Paperback $5.29

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