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3 Book Bundle
Three inspiring reads for Appalachian Trail enthusiasts

Two fun reads for outdoor enthusiasts

Buy signed copies of Blazing Ahead, Appalachian Odyssey and Hermit and save 10%.

Each copy personally signed and shipped by the author.

  1. Blazing Ahead tells the story of how the first multi-state long-distance trail was conceived and built.
  2. Appalachian Odyssey is the entertaining account of how two friends hiked all 2,100 miles of the legendary trail over 28 years and is illustrated with over 80 color photographs.
  3. Hermit is the remarkable account of a reclusive man who led a secret life in the shadow of the AT between 1895 and 1933.

This three book package would make a great gift for anyone who loves the AT, history or simply enjoys three tales well told.

The package represents a savings of almost $2 per book.