Appalachian Trail author Jeffrey Ryan to appear at Brookfield Public Library

Appalachian Trail author Jeffrey Ryan to appear at Brookfield Public Library

Photo of Brookfield Public Library

My 30 Years on the Appalachian Trail

Author Jeffrey Ryan will visit the Brookfield Public Library to share his Appalachian Trail adventures spanning half a lifetime.

Ryan has hiked over 8,000 miles on America’s trails including the Pacific Crest Trail, the Ice Age Trail and many more. In 1985, he started “inadvertently” hiking the Appalachian Trail with a friend, an adventure that ended up spanning over 2,100 miles and nearly three decades. Ryan’s book about that journey, Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-year hike on America’s trail, debuted in 2016 to rave reviews.

The former Executive Editor of National Geographic has written that “Appalachian Odyssey is destined to be a classic of nature and travel writing.” It is a story of enduring friendship infused with historical perspective and the joys of staying true to a vision that culminates in a singularly entertaining journey.

Blazing Ahead

Writing Appalachian Odyssey kindled yet another adventure for Ryan. Intrigued by how the Appalachian Trail was conceived and built, he dove into archival materials to create his second book: Blazing Ahead: Benton MacKaye, Myron Avery and the Rivalry that built the Appalachian Trail. Published in 2017 by Appalachian Mountain Club Books, his history of the trail explores the personal, political and economic uncertainties that often stood in the way of progress and how they were overcome to make the trail a reality.

The AT was the precursor to the other National Scenic Trails, now numbering eleven and brought into the national consciousness by the National Scenic Trails Act signed 50 years ago.

Jeffrey is a great storyteller. When his stunning photographs of the trail are added in, it makes for a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Appalachian Odyssey and Blazing Ahead will be available for purchase at the event and Jeffrey would be delighted to sign copies.

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