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Kindle vision of “Hermit” now available

Hermit book, chapter one

“Hermit” is now available in Kindle format and can be read on smartphones, tablets and computers using the free Kindle Reader app.

Kindle Unlimited members can read the book free.

We will weather this

Thirty-eight years ago, in the midst of an unrelenting 16-day storm, I discovered the value of taking the long view.

Better days are ahead if we persevere.

Read the Remarkable Story Behind Hermit

In Search of Jim Whyte

Read the story behind the story of the mysterious Jim Whyte of Monson, Maine.

My new 30-page book details how I discovered the legend of Whyte, how I went about writing the book and includes a free excerpt.

Available in Apple, Kindle and paperback formats.

How to eat healthier on the trail

Cooking in the backcountry

Time was when eating healthy food on the trail was a lot more work than it was worth.

But with more companies meeting the demand for more flavorful, less processed foods, it’s easier to carry even green, leafy vegetables into the backcountry than ever before.

Behind the Ranges

In the course of writing my latest book, I have had a number of experiences that qualify as those that don’t happen in the normal course of events. Some of them have made me question whether I was writing from my own brain or whether I was guided by a force much wiser and greater than my humble operating system.

This is your brain on GPS

In her new book, Wayfinding: The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World, author M.R. O’Connor makes the case that over-reliance on GPS can cause an entire region of our brain known as the hippocampus to shut off. Why is this important?