You Sold Your Book Where?

Non-traditional marketing strategies for breakthrough awareness and book sales

It's never been easier to be an author and it's never been harder to sell books. With over one million eBooks and an estimated 600,000 to one million more published in print every year, it's increasingly difficult to break through the clutter to get noticed and generate sales.

Many authors rely heavily on social media to make an impact. But that space is getting crowded, too. And with so many new authors, bookstores, libraries, and other traditional venues are harder to secure for appearances. Faced with these same challenges, author Jeffrey Ryan developed a book launch strategy that centered around appearing at non-traditional book signing venues and making personal connections with potential readers.

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About the Book

By combining traditional and social media channels, Jeffrey Ryan sold thousands of books in the six months following the publication of his first book and built a solid foundation for his subsequent books that continues to reap rewards. Ryan shares how he orchestrated his marketing efforts and how you can apply the same successful principles to launching your own campaign, whether your book’s format is electronic, print, or both.

Topics include:

• Gaining exposure on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio

• Creating marketing materials that get noticed, generate sales, and increase audiences at appearance venues

• Creating and executing a marketing plan

• Often overlooked appearance venues

• Tracking the effectiveness of your efforts

Genre: How to
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781091496682
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You Sold Your Book Where?
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