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Jeffrey Ryan has appeared in lecture halls throughout the United States. His beautiful photographs and storytelling ability leaves audiences spellbound and he is often asked to perform return engagements.
I was beyond pleased with the program. We had a really nice attendance and you were prepared and eager to present. All in all, it was the very essence of what a great library program can be.
Noah Weckworth
Adult Services Librarian, Elk Grove Public Library (WI)
Jeff's talk was mesmerizing. I was captivated from start to finish!
Presentation attendee
Monson Historical Society event (ME)
It was truly wonderful to see your description of the AT, and hear about its history and your hiking experiences. It left a sense of wonder and beauty in the soul. Thank you ever so much for sharing your evening with us!
Presentation attendee
Fond du Lac Public Library (WI)
That was the best presentation I've ever seen (and I've seen a LOT of them)!
Presentation attendee
Orono Public Library (ME)
Author Jeffrey Ryan appearing at the National Conservation Training Center. ©2018 USFWS.
Jeffrey speaking at the National Conservation Training Center, headquarters of the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

To Jeff, the Appalachian Trail has been much more than the backdrop for adventure. The stories of how he and a friend spent nearly three decades hiking the trail and of how the most famous trail in the world was envisioned and built speak strongly to our need to follow our passions and dreams. His messages of inspiration and perseverance speak to audiences of all ages and leave them buzzing long after the presentation ends.

Jeff’s research and  insights into the creation of our National Scenic Trails, National Parks and Wilderness areas inspire and foster a new appreciation for the challenges faced by both the often unrecognized and familiar visionaries who sought to establish and protect our public lands for the generations to follow.

Please contact Jeff directly to discuss appearing for your next library gathering, civic event, conference, or sales meeting.