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Few things are better than enjoying meals in the backcountry. Few things are worse than encountering a bear intent on them away from you.

There are three methods for minimizing the likelihood of a bear (or bears) marauding your stash: bear bagging, bear canisters and the latest invention, using an Ursack.

Bear bagging

Bear bagging involves hoisting a bag (or bags) of food and other bear attracting items over a tree limb and suspending them safely out of reach.
Pros: Doesn’t require much extra gear other than a 50′ rope and a carabiner.
Cons: Time consuming, trees/branches for proper set up may not be available.

Bear canister

A bear canister (trade name “Bear Vault”) is a shatter-resistant plastic container with a wind down top designed to frustrate bears. The idea is to place your food and other items in the container, then stow it safely away from your tent.
Pros: No set-up time. REQUIRED for use in many national parks (where bear bagging and Ursacks may be prohibited).
Cons: Heavy, rigid (not easy to load and carry with backpack).


An Ursack is a stuff sack made using Kevlar®. The fabric is so tough that it fends off bear clawing and biting. When properly sealed and tied from a tree branch, it is proven remarkably effective.
Pros: Lightweight (compared to canister or carrying hoisting rope). Packs easily.
Cons: Not approved for use in most national parks that currently require canisters. NOTE: Some parks are beginning to allow the use of Ursacks as an alternative to canisters. Be sure to check park requirements in advance of your trip.

Overview of all three methods

Dave Collins at Clever Hiker has put together this great overview of all three techniques.

About shelters

Animals know where they can find food. That means shelters are popular hangouts for mice, squirels, chipmunks and other critters. They’ve come to learn that oatmeal flakes, pieces of ramen noodles and other goodies are easy takings. Thus, if you use a shelter:

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