Jeffrey H. Ryan Hiker Author Photographer Speaker Podcaster Director

Thank you to the many readers that have taken the time to share your thoughts about Appalachian Odyssey. I am grateful beyond words (which sounds like a stretch for those who know me I’m sure, but is 100% true nonetheless).

“Beautifully written, this book takes you right back to the earlier days of new camping materials and a generation of young people who hit the trails in the mountains – and grew up along the way. It tells the story of their younger enthusiasm and reckless abandon, growing friendship, their gaining maturity, and finding wisdom along the way – in their lives, in their jobs, and in the outdoors. Jeff Ryan tells it all – the upside as well as the gritty challenges of living in the wilderness for days on end, in all kinds of weather. Achieving his many life goals in many ways, he makes his story an inspiration for everyone. Hike your own hike! Thank you Jeffrey Ryan for this wonderful story.”

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