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Grandma Gatewood's Legacy

 Photo credit: By Stratness – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27551090

Grandma Gatewood was an Appalachian Trail pioneer. In 1955, at age 67, she set off to escape an abusive relationship and blazed a path that inspires women to this day. A new project seeks to create two bronze statues of Grandma Gatewood. one at her gravesite and one adjacent to the Appalachian Trail.

I interviewed renowned sculptor, Bridgette Mongeon, whose work appears at the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame®, in numerous other celebrated public spaces, and at private gravesites about her Grandma Gatewood sculpture initiative and the importance of honoring Grandma Gatewood as a way to keep this important figure’s legacy strong.

Books by Jeffrey H Ryan

How to Section Hike the Appalachian Trail

Podcast Version

Your Lot and Parcel Podcast

Had a great time talking about planning for and pulling off a successful journey on the Appalachian Trail on this popular podcast. Thank you, Benjamin Diaz for inviting me onto your show!

Author Jeffrey Ryan appears on Your Lot and Parcel podcast

Lauren Connolly graciously asked me to be her guest on her Wild Developments podcast, where we discussed the Appalachian Trail, preparing for a long-distance hike, getting more kids outdoors, and conservation history.


Darin Olien Show

I’ve given hundreds of interviews over the years, and this one ranks as one of the best. Just goes to show what can happen when two people who share common interests and backgrounds get together to compare insights.

How to tell ticks to bug off

Woman spraying against ticks and mosquitos

The insect season is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean they have to limit your time outdoors. You can minimize the risk of Lyme Disease and other tick- and mosquito-borne diseases by using repellants, staying in the center of the trail, and being vigilant about spotting ticks on your clothing or skin.. 

My Section Hikes Through Virginia on the Appalachian Trail

The stretch of Appalachian Trail through Virginia is 524 miles — one quarter of the entire footpath. I was recently asked to reminisce about my five section hikes through the state and about how the mountains and towns of this beautiful place have become so integral to my writing. If you’d like to learn more about section hiking in Virginia, you can check out my Virginia AT overview page or my book Appalachian Odyssey, which recounts all five trips in detail. 

In my appearance on the TalaTerra podcast, I discussed the contributions made by Frederick Law Olmsted, Gifford Pinchot, Benton MacKaye, Theodore Roosevelt, Bob Marshall, Aldo Leopold, and Howard Zahniser in forming and preserving America’s public lands. We also importantly discussed how important the role of consensus building was (and is) in shaping our futures.

It’s finally here — that glorious time of the year when the trail beckons. It’s also a great time to make sure your gear is still up for the task. Here are my top tips for getting it done.

National Archives Book Talk

National Archives Book Talk with Jeffrey H Ryan

The National Archives Museum hosted a special talk featuring U.S. Fish and Wildlife Historian Mark Madison and me to discuss my book, This Land Was Saved for You and Me with special emphasis on some  often overlooked people who contributed to the movements to create America’s parks, forests and wilderness areas. 

Care More Be Better Podcast

The pandemic helped millions rediscover the physical and spiritual effects of being in nature

— but the story has much deeper roots

I recently had a super discussion with Jennifer Walsh and Monica Olsen, hosts of the Biophilic Solutions podcast about the American pioneers who extolled the benefits of being in nature decades before many took note. Please check it out!

This Land Was Saved for You and Me

Cover of the book This Land Was Saved For You and Me.My newest book traces the path from Olmsted’s first wanderings in Yosemite to the signing of The Wilderness Act in 1964.

Along the way, we meet well-known advocates for America’s lands and waters including Gifford Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, and Aldo Leopold. But importantly, we also meet many lesser-known people who gave their all to protect forests and wilderness areas before they would be gone forever and ensured that all Americans would retain the benefits of ownership.

Published by Stackpole Books in hardcover format, This Land Was Saved for You and Me is available now from national and local retailers. Click the “order” button below to learn more.  

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Illustration of Jeffrey H Ryan by Bob Eckstein
Illustration by award-winning artist Bob Eckstein, whose work often appears in The New Yorker magazine.

I am currently booking in-person and virtual appearances for 2023. Please check the sidebar to the right for dates and times and check back often for updates.

Navigating the Trail

Lost No More

How to stay on the trail and what to do if you get off it.
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